EGLAVATOR Recording Studio – Audio Samples

EGLAVATOR Recording Studio

We have a professional recording studio, ready for all our startups and media-related companies that are looking for a place to record, broadcast, and do what they do best.   Our microphones and sound-proof room includes access to high-speed internet for uploading content to your instagram, facebook youtube live. Vloggers and Podcasters can join us and pitch to our distribution channels your creations or try new ideas in encoding, transcoding, broadcasting. Just as we use MEVIA. All can be done in place in our recording studio!!! WE also have High-def cameras and professionally encode video/audio.

More Equal Studios

More Equal Studios is a collective of developers, artists, and marketers with one purpose: delivering compelling VR experiences.
We are currently working on our first release, under codename Project Aether (now officially Fractured Divinity), where players can manipulate the elements in VR through martial arts.

Bliss Mechanics

Bliss Mechanics provides tools for teachers to deliver courses enhanced with Blissful Audio and enable students to achieve personal growth in an easy and effective way


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