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EGLAVATOR Recording Studios – Video Samples

EGLAVATOR Recording Studios

We have excellent camera equipment in 4K for all recordings, GoPro shots, all integrated to professional audio recording, and a fully functional green room for any post-editing or any other production needs for Vloggers and Podcasters.  Additionally, lights, encoding, transcoding, all on-site powered by MEVIA Platform.

Ask Alice Show - Video Demo

EGLAVATOR and Next Generation Spaces

 The concept of a “Next Generation” space is tailored for a future and soon to take over the world, that remote workforce that is moving from a centralized headquarter atmosphere to co-working spaces with innovators and technologists driving innovation by collaborating in spaces, but securing access to corporate documents and information. This effort is conducted […]

Mobility Workx

Mobility Workx Agreement reached with Verizon

Mobility Works a member of the EGLAVATOR is a leader in wireless certification, testing, and fast mobility handover

Truly Wireless – Conduction Labs successful kickstarter campaign

Conduction Labs, one of our venture members, has run a successful campaign raising close to $40k in Kickstarter.  A truly wireless headset with all the “bells and whistles” that you may expect in advanced headset systems. Open Ear allows the natural sounds around you to be clear, providing a safe listening experience. Whether you are […]