Who is Dr. Edwin Hernandez


High School

Instituto San Miguel,

Catholic High School

Salutatorian, Science Fair
Awards, Math, Cartoonist


Costa Rica Institute of Technology  1991 – 1995

BSc Electronics Engineering
Highest GPA  / Honors Scholarship
X.25 Networking & Micro-controllers


University of Florida 1997 – 1999

MSc Electrical and Computer Engineering
Machine Learning , Networking,
High-Performance Computing


University of Florida 2000 - 2002

PhD Computer Engineering
Mobile Computing, Wireless Communications
Adaptive Networks, Prediction

Areas of Expertise

Expert Witness

Dr. Edwin has over 20+ of experience in software, cloud, artificial intelligence,
mobile and wireless.  Edwin's experience with intellectual property,
patents,  and software in general.

As an expert witness in mobile, cloud, and wireless communications
He has been assisting in disputes involving T-Mobile, Verizon, Google, and others

Wireless & Software

Expert in wireless communications, 4G handover, LTE, 5G systems, backhaul, and Network Function Virtualization.

Cloud-based radios, WiFi, Bluetooth Wearables, and mobile platform development for iOS and Android.

Dr. Edwin is a developer with hands-on experience and participation at multiple Hackathons.  Python, PHP, C/C++, Objective-C, Swift, Android Java, Java, Javascript Frameworks ReactJS, React Native.

Cloud and Media

Cloud computing & media streaming systems and platforms.  Wide expertise in streaming
for music and video, and TV.

Dr. Edwin assembled and configured a private cloud at the EGLAVATOR and has instances for his own products, as well Amazon Web Services (AWS), Azure (Microsoft), and Docker containers & Kurbenetes.

Curriculum Vitae

Employment Period: 2002 – 2003

Position:  Technical Program Manager

Roles and Responsibilities:

I worked under the Wireless Networking Group and was in charge of the Bluetooth Personal Area Networks (PAN) drivers and this worked lead to several patents owned by Microsoft & contributions to the Wireless Zero Configuration service and Bluetooth networking.  As part of my accomplishments, I competed Bluetooth PAN Certification for Windows.

Employment Period: 2003 – 2010

Position: Principal Staff Engineer

Roles and Responsibilities:

I worked on the "Java Virtual Machine" (JVM) while at Motorola for Windows Smartphones, CDMA, and finally on one of the first Google android prototypes, iDEN's i1.  The work on mobile software included experience in multimedia messaging, JSR-177 Security & Trust, JSR-82 Bluetooth, Location-based Services, Webkit browser for Android devices, overall Android architecture for Push-to-Talk and working with 3rd party vendors such as TeleNAV (GPS ), MobiTV, Opera Browser, and others.

Employment Period: 2010 – now

Position: Chief Technology Officer

Roles and Responsibilities:

EGLA CORP is the company I founded,  and I have been working on media streaming and wireless communications where at EGLA. Now, the EGLAVATOR is created and help others with advice, and assistance. All costs at the incubator are lower then market.  While at EGLA, I have worked on MEVIA & Cloud to Cable platform, a patented technology, MobileCAD & MobileIPP, and my "Expert Witness" consulting.

For more information you can visit my personal site at EdwinHernandez.com

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