Video, TV, and Recording Studio

Creators Paradise

We offer a state-of-the art multimedia studio. Any startup with MEDIA or anyone that wants to start a podcast or video streaming product can come to the EGLAVATOR and get it done. We have sound-proof rooms, HD/4K cameras, professional audio recording, including our staff of our affiliate stations.  We can assist you with all your production needs, and powered by MEVIA your distribution can be done from Mobile to Cable TV. Broadcasting live to Facebook  Youtube, and all powered by our MEVIA Studio.


TV and Podcast Studio
Podcast Studio with Live Video and QLED Screens


TV Studio
State of the art displays for video walls


TV Podcasting
Amazing TV Studios for Youtube, Facebook, Instagram, Stream professionally

Interview with CMU’s Dr. Galan


Streaming to the MEVIAVERSE

Social Media Broadcasting















Our cloud-computing platform, MEVIA brings your broadcast to all devices, Cable TV, Youtube, Facebook Live, name it. Our team of post-production engineers can also touch, edit, and make your broadcast, documentary, interview, look fantastic with our cameras and equipment.