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The Pioneers Academy provides a that is unique and customized for executives and teams of companies to positively impact their bottom line.  You can listen more in our TECHEDTV Podcast.

The founder and creator of the academy is Bimal Shah, an expert that has been married for 17 years to his wife Ami and dedicated father to his two daughters after which he named his company.

Bimal  has been successfully training and coaching entrepreneurs, executives, and employees to take their life and work to a whole new level. He recently through his own systems and discipline over the last two years has lost 65 pounds and is healthier than ever before. Bimal’s organization helps bring control and charge in the lives of entrepreneurs by making their teams happily engaged, striking a balance between Work and Life, adding security from the Seven enemies of Wealth, and making their business unique and different from the competitors.


The Pioneers Academy helps business owners and professionals improve their present situation and build a favorable financial future. His creative strategies and ideas in Business Planning helps increase profitability for business owners, reduce income taxes, provide for tax-free retirement and executive benefits, asset protection, retain key employees, and leave behind a long lasting legacy.


The pricing includes a weekend session for training, access to “The One Year Break Through” website for your team, and the packages are divided as follows:

The Learning Pioneers Academy – for Start-Ups, Solo-preneurs, Incubators, 1-5 employee businesses. – $375 a month- $375 initial deposit- Under $100,000 Gross Profit.Once a month meeting at the EGLAVATOR.
The Growing Pioneers Academy- $1,750 a month – Businesses from $101K- less than a Million Gross Profit – a more involved process with access to Bimal Shah
The Scaling Pioneers Academy – $3,750 a month – Businesses from a Million + in Gross Profit – Retreat and personalized support for multi-million dollar businesses.

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Access to our website, the One year breakthrough, with courses, evaluations nd much more.

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