Startups and Innovation in Boca Raton, FL

New updates despite COVID-19 and many delays with our Startups & innovation projects in South Florida.  We all are having problems with PPP/EIDL Loans and delayed payments from providers & Clients.

Life is full of  hiccups, but the EGLAVATOR, our tech incubator is a better place in south florida for innovation. I am forming with assistance of Sinjin Lee, a new boards of advisers with high-caliber strategists, investors, and business people.

Among those experts that will help startups,  we have Webb Knudsen (Knudsen Capital), Harald Braun (ex-Nokia Siemens CEO), and other experts in the world of investment and entrepreneurship.  Stay tuned!

Co-working Space

In February, right before COVID-19, we opened a few offices with our co-working look & feel design. We except to fill them up with entrepreneurs and other professionals.

The EGLAVATOR and EGLA LABS  have many projects, and we are proud of all the cool startups that join u. We have many ideas to catapult these ventures and innovation, stay tuned.

New Startups

At the EGLAVATOR, we welcome in Q1 and Q2, 2020 the startups:

  • PointsKash  – Convert those points into cash
  • Conduction Labs – Conduction technologies for headsets and bluetooth
  • ID Fund  – Investment Funding and Platform
  • TextTony – SMS and Messaging Platform
  • TOLIV  – Ticketing Platform

In fact, the following presentation highlights what startups are at the EGLAVATOR is doing today and how assists innovation, licensing, and all our startups.

MEVIA Updates & New Podcasts

As you know my Platform, MEVIA has been update and now it will contain new features and options specially with “Artificial Intelligence,” and production of podcasts, videos, and automated generation of content.

Here a demonstration using “Honduras Global Podcast” audio from Episode 1, Season 1. As you can observe, groups of WAV file audio components are processed and text extracted.

The areas of innovation at EGLA LABS are TTS, Speech to Text, Image recognition using Deep Learning, RNN, and other statistical methods for machine learning

Conduction Labs & EGLA CORP

In collaboration with Conduction Labs, EGLA is working on commercializing different Bluetooth-powered masks, the MEVIA App is centric to this effort.

  • •Playback Time : 7 hrs
  • •Stand by: 15 days
  • •Charging Time:  2 hrs
  • •Microphone sensitivity: -50 +/- 3dB
  • •Weight : 133 Grams
  • •Mini-USB Charger
Video Player



Artificial Intelligence – Blue Hexagon

We signed a reseller agreement with Blue Hexagon and my venture, | MOBILITY WORKX. We  will start promoting and selling this AI-platform for finance, healthcare, and other businesses.

Blue Hexagon

Blue Hexagon, a deep learning and cybersecurity pioneer, announced it has earned a spot on the coveted Forbes AI 50list. As one of America’s most promising artificial intelligence (AI) companies, Blue Hexagon is the only cybersecurity company that relies on deep learning (a subfield of artificial intelligence) 100% of the time for instant, real-time cyber threat detection.


International Startups

EGLAVATOR is working with some startups from Europe and South America to bring them to the United States and assist them with our services.

3D Printing and Prototyping

We have improved our 3D printing capabilities and added a TEVO Tarantula Pro for higher quality prints and more durable prototyping and project development.

Stay tuned to see our hardware for sale at 

How do you join the EGLAVATOR?

You just have to come to and send us your pitch deck for reviewCan I get funding for my startup?

Yes and no. We don’t offer Series A or B rounds, which we could offer but we prefer to start with an angel round, unless you have already a revenue generating business.Do you offer intellectual property assistance?

Yes, we are very well versed protecting patents, inventions trade secrets, and valuable assets for tech startups and ventures.Are you experts in software and hardware?

Yes, we have PhD-level, senior-level experts that can assist your venture as advisor, or be part of your startup.

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