EVOLUX Interview with Ray Leavitt

Ray Leavitt tells us his journey as an entrepreneur, from kicker at FAU’s football team to Sikorski Incubator in Connecticut. Lessons, Drones, Helicopters, aerial transportation, booking, MVPs, great lessons from a local entrepreneur

EVOLUX was hosted by Sikorski’s Incubator in Connecticut and ow is back in South Florida with a revamped team. At the interview Ray said that:

“…. when they said hey ray you’re a winner i was like wait what they required me to move up in connecticut and i know you moved yeah and when i move that was like saying goodbye to the ecosystem and everything and you took the reins from there but when i was up there you know they wanted to put me through this year long incubator process which really was being put in this big beautiful //// “

Watch the interview with Ray and EVOLUX’s genesis and updates for 2020.



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