Harald Braun’s interview – Guident – Autonomous Vehicles


Guident Interview

Harald Braun founder of Guident an AI, autonomous vehicle startup in Boca Raton.


Harald Braun is a seasoned CEO with experience at NOKIA SIEMENS, board member and CEO of publicly traded companies! Aviat, Dialogic (with exit in Dec 2019), CLA Direct, and manhy other ventures. Being a CEO of a publicly traded company is not an easy task!

Now with Guident, this new venture wants to dominate self-driving software technologies including Artificial Intelligence for autonomous vehicles. The interview was conducted at the @eglavator in Boca Raton and our team will assist them with this AI effort.


Case 1

Immediately following an accident or a difficult maneuvering situation, the AV will automatically report to the remote monitoring system. Whereupon, a remote human operator will take control of the AV using input from the vehicle’s cameras and sensors.

Case 2

Immediately following the occurrence of an accident, the AV will auto report to the appropriate government agencies, first responders and insurance companies the accident. The AV will need to auto-request assistance based on an AI assessment of the accident and occupant



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