Truly Wireless – Conduction Labs successful kickstarter campaign

Conduction Labs, one of our venture members, has run a successful campaign raising close to $40k in Kickstarter.  A truly wireless headset with all the “bells and whistles” that you may expect in advanced headset systems. Open Ear allows the natural sounds around you to be clear, providing a safe listening experience. Whether you are in the office and your boss is asking a question, or you are out on your morning run , Etude combines a health and safe listening experience with amazing hi-fidelity sound.


The open-ear headset protects you from hearing loss while delivering a healthy, comfortable and true high-fidelity listening experience


Eutde Truly Wireless
Etude Truly Wireless Headset

We are really happy to see Conductions labs launch truly wireless headsets!  Reaching 811% funded and close to $40k is note say!  Conduction labs stated that:

Ten years ago, bone conduction was the new way of listening while staying aware of your surroundings. But technology has changed in 10 years and bone conduction headsets are no longer the only safe listening headset available.  Even though they provided a safe alternative to over the ear headsets, the sound was average and the increase in volume resulted in vibration to the head  Again, our amazing engineers solved the problem. Experimenting with various sound transmission technologies, CL/Alova engineers perfected directional audio in Etude. The results are spectacular: no shocking vibration, excellent full spectrum spatial sound that only you hear (minimal sound leakage). With Etude, our team has created a listening experience like being at a live concert. It is music the way the artist intended it to be heard.

An interview with Bruce Borenstein here:


and a bit more on the technology used by ETUDE

If we were going to design  the best Open-Ear headset ever made, our engineers told us that we had to put the best components inside. CL/Alova engineers equipped Etude with the very best Bluetooth Sound Chip, Qualcomm QCC3040 employing APTX high-fidelity sound protocol combined with our exclusive cashmere speakers for the best open ear sound. Our connection is Bluetooth 5.2, providing exceptional connectivity, speed, and stability. Walk away from your phone and you are still connected and talking (up to 33 feet).  Play video games without lag. Etude delivers every time.

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