Mobility Workx Agreement reached with Verizon

Mobility Works a member of the EGLAVATOR is a leader in wireless certification, testing, and fast mobility handover

Last August, Mobility Workx, LLC and Verizon Wireless reached a licensing agreement and ended a four-year patent dispute over Mobility Workx’s wireless patent portfolio. Principals of Mobility Workx, Dr. Edwin Hernandez and Dr. Sumi Helal, were present at the settlement negotiation.

The licensed patents were invented around 2002 as part of Dr. Hernandez’ doctoral research at the University of Florida that was directed by Dr. Helal at his Mobile Computing Lab. In early 2000s, Dr. Helal was the director of the Mobile Computing Lab where he directed the inception and creation of many innovative technologies that were envisioned decades before their realization into actual wireless networks and mobile computing devices that we have and use today on a daily basis.

“We thereby deliver benefits to both licensors and licensees,” said Michael Machat, lead attorney for Mobility Workx Agreement.

Some of the licensed patents provided a cost-effective solution for wireless handset testing using emulation. Others provided intelligent algorithms and methods to speed up handoff processing – a key requirement in modern wireless communication networks.

Dr. Hernandez owns EGLA CORP – a technology company and runs its technology incubator, the EGLAVATOR, in Boca Raton, Florida. He is also the founder and CEO of MEVIA, a Cloud-to-cable technology and platform as a service company.

Dr. Helal is a professor at the University of Florida and the founder of several startups including Mobility Workx, Rokiot USA, Spaceify Oy, Finland, Phoneomena, Inc., and Pervasa, Inc.

The Mobility Workx’s portfolio is available for licensing in the areas of wireless certification, testing, and fast mobility handover for both 4G and 5G systems.

For more information, consult Mobility’s website ( or send email to

Mobility Workx agreement with Verizon is confidential and no details can be revealed.

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