Eglavator – Technology Incubator

What is the EGLAVATOR?

In March 2017, EGLA COMMUNICATIONS started a technology incubator with 7 startups in media, healthcare, telecomm, and cloud.  With time, this venture has been more exciting and rewarding. Dr. Edwin and his team brings office space, mentorship, introductions, in a very friendly and open space designed for thinkers and people with great ideas. Patents, Software, and anything creative including a TV/Radio studio are part of our ecosystem.  We are still young but always excited about new opportunities and listen to your ideas, startups, ventures, and anything from blockchain, to 4G/5G, modulation, emulation, AI, machine learning, robotics,  media, and anything tech! Join our space and grow with us!   We are right here in South Florida with beautiful weather, and all we need is your talent!

Our Tenants


Office Space

We have conference rooms, spacious offices, internet access, staging areas, and great amenities


Our startups need capital, our team works with several law firms and advisors to help you find funding and capital.

Intellectual Property and Patents

We help you evaluate your software, patents, and intellectual property. We have reached licensing deals with our partners assistance with high-tech companies and small to medium-sized corporations.

What we offer:

Our technology incubator, EGLAVATOR brings value to your startup/tech company. We can assist you in multiple ways, or you just do whatever you want, not a problem:

  • . Intellectual Property Strategy
  • . Licensing Assistance
  • . Venture Funding Assistance
  • . Software Engineering and Development
  • . Business Mentors
  • . Technology Space with Conference Rooms
  • . Video Production Room with HD/SD
  • . Audio Production and broadcasting
  • . State of the Art Conference Room
  • . HIPPA-complaint and VPN Access
  • . Access to our cloud services
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Our Advisors and Mentors

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751 Park of Commerce Dr. Suite 128, Boca Raton, FL, 33487