AI, METAVERSE, Web2, Web3 Accelerator and Incubator

We lead the way with startups in AI, Cloud, IOT, NFTs, Web3 and the METAVERSE with AR/VR projects. We offer our own version of the metaverse, the MEVIAVERSE. Membership of the incubator is open at different levels, from basic to startup founder.

Web2 Projects

We incubate Web2, Cloud, AI, IOT, and other technological ideas that have value with Web 2.0 technologies, Web2 is the traditional web, from ChatGPT, to Sensors, Robotics, and much more.

Web3 Projects

We incubate projects with NFTs, Web3, blockchain systems, and anything related to the Web3 world.
Together with the Block chain Academy and technologies around the blockchain.


Artificial Intelligence, Augmented Reality and Virtual reality, the METAVERSE is vast and is just beginning to make the first steps. We incubate AI, AR, VR, and other High Tech Projects

Office Space

If you are an entrepreneur that want to be part of a community of engineers, creators, and develop your skills with our educational program, join our membership plan.

About Us

The EGLAVATOR was established in March 2017, here in Boca Raton, FL. After, a while of offering spaces, advice, and media streaming platforms. EGLA decided to invest heavily in  its own incubator, now with a 10K sq. ft facility in Boca Raton.

We are founders and startup entrepreneurs. We understand the process of bootstrapping a venture, how to generate revenues with efficient investments. Our expertise in intellectual property and software brings a competitive edge to all projects that are part of our ecosystem.

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Incubation Steps for your Project

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1st WeekDiscovery and Assessment
2nd WeekPlaning
Two to Four monthsDevelopment
Last StepLaunch

Our EGLAVATOR Services

Business Experts

We will review your strategy, GotoMarket model and in general assist you with ways to reach profitability faster, bootstrapping being our primary choice.

Business Experts

Slide deck, Business Plan writing, and strategic thinking.

Content Marketing

We assist our startups with Social Media Marketing, Discord Servers, and all digital promotions.

Content Marketing

Content marketing is key, twitter, TikTok, Podcasts, Youtube, all media at your service with our two studios.

3D Printing

We will assist you with prototyping and 3D Printing, including electronic design, and testing.


Prototyping is essential to show your product with a functional enclosure, or electronics that are easy to showcase.

Expert Consultancy

We are expert witness in intellectual property, damages, and our expertise will be available to you as a tenant.

Expert Consultancy

We have several patent issues at the EGLAVATOR and some Consumer Electronic Show awards. 

UX Evaluation

We will assist you with UX design, make sure your UI is relevant and easy to use.

UX Evaluation

User Experience is essential for profitability and customer adoption.

Get A Solutions To Your Startup

Whether you are working on Web 2 or Web 3, many of these steps are essential for success, from launching an NFT to a new e-commerce solution.

Dreams Come True

Our Skills

Experts in startups & ventures with a community of entrepreneurs, ready to help and discuss your project needs. 

We can use the power of media, with TECHEDTV and other outlets to “Amplify your Reach®)”

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Membership Pricing

We offer different types of memberships to entrepreneurs, social media experts, marketers, engineers, and anyone with a creative project that wants to be part of the EGLAVATOR community..  A contract for 6-months is required per engagement, paid upfront.  Potential Investments made to each venture.

Basic Membership

Virtual Incubation
$ 99 99
We offer a membership for you, where you can stop by and use any of the available desks, Free WiFi, enjoy Snacks, Soft-drinks, and be part of our community.
Mail and Address for $20/month extra
IP Strategy
Startup Advice
Potential Investments and Seed Capital, Development Packages, Licensing, and advise.

Medium Membership

For Entrepreneurs
$ 499 99
With this membership you 2 hrs a month of startup advise and be part of our events and community.
Mail and Address Included
IP Strategy
Startup Advice: Virtual CTO

Premium Membership

$ 1299 99
You have access to 4 hrs a month of work at the EGLAVATOR., We will receive your mail and you can enjoy of events weekly.
Mail and Address Included
IP & Investment Strategy
Startup Advice, Virtual CTO

Our Facilities

At our facilities, We have TV Studios, Podcasting areas, 3D Printers, Electronic Design Equipment, prototyping. Besides that, we have two Conference Rooms, a large space for events, AI and Podcast Academy, and a community of technologists. [Note: Access to the Startups is Limited at this  moment as we moved to a new location] . Some of our previous facility pictures here:

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New Incubator -03
new Incubator – 07
new Incubator – 07
new Incubator – 08
New Incubator -01
New Incubator -02
new Incubator-07
new Incubator-06
new Incubator-05
Studio 03
Studio 04
Studio 08
Studio 01
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Happy Clients About Us

We are happy to join your space, we are marveled by the enthusiasm and technology expertise! 

– Dan Gudema

More than a Standard Accelerator

We work with Web2 and Web3 Projects. All projects and engineering are  processed by EGLA CORP’s. We are an AI Incubator and Accelerator..

We work with entrepreneurs from all backgrounds and expertise levels.

  • Process and Engineering

    We recommend joining one of our academies, Ai, Media, Code as part of your program. An Academy that ensures proper planing, process engineering, and business knowledge.

  • Marketing & SEO

    We need to be found and your product needs to be marketed properly with SEO TurboBooster or other tools, including our SEO Assessment.

  • CFO and Financing

    Jason Brown can bring value to your business by reviewing your financials, planning for a capital raise and develop your financial statement ready for angels and investors.

Dr. Edwin Hernandez

Dr. Edwin Hernandez

Tariq Azam

Tariq Azam

CFP - Inspiralia and Funding
Dan Gudema

Dan Gudema

Marketer in Residence
Jason Brown, CPA

Jason Brown, CPA

CFO in Residence

Latest Blogs

Come to our space, we host tech events and we are anything but boring!.

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