EGLAVATOR and Next Generation Spaces

 The concept of a “Next Generation” space is tailored for a future and soon to take over the world, that remote workforce that is moving from a centralized headquarter atmosphere to co-working spaces with innovators and technologists driving innovation by collaborating in spaces, but securing access to corporate documents and information. This effort is conducted by EGLA CORP’s Artificial Intelligence experts.



The risk of corporate information to fall in the wrong hands at a co-working space is high. However, we have developed a technology for the EGLAVATOR that consists of two components:

a) Access Controller with artificial intelligence,
b) Office Manager that broadcasts secured WIFI6 SSIDs and controls access to door in offices and physically secures the office pace.

We have a business plan available and we were selected for GVC Venture Funding Pitch 





The technology is being tested at the EGLAVATOR and is tied to other services that EGLA CORP provides.

Therefore, the new office space will consists of a series of access controller and door managers that will provide access and secure offices spaces such as the EGLAVATOR. Next Generation spaces will have many access controllers and office managers, plus your standard badge with an NFC tag or any other biometric access mechanism.

Stay tuned for more updates from our team!

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