Art+Tech at the EGLAVATOR – Episode 01 – 01

On Saturday, Oct 2, 6pm-8pm, we are running a free event for both the tech startup and local art community at EGLAVATOR Incubator and Coworking space, at 791 Park of Commerce Blvd, #300, Boca Raton.

The door to get in is on the left side of the building. This location is right near Yamato and I95.

This evening will cover several tech startups speaking, as well as Artists and NFTs. If you have an interest or an active Tech Startup, it will be a good networking event to attend. A few Tech Startups may actual pitch at this event, you never know.

We are going to be minting NFTs. If you have an interest in NFTs, this could be an interesting evening for you.

This is just a simple gathering of the Tech Startup Community and Art lovers and anybody who is interested in possibly looking over the new Eglavator Space. The space is run by Dr. Edwin Hernandez, and has both seats/desks starting at $150 a month and offices starting at $600 a month in the space. We are specifically focused on Tech Startups in this space and members of the Tech community.


On that same night, we will have a gallery opening for Victor Gudema, 13, my Dan Gudema’s son, and his artwork on the walls of the space, and of course we will be minting NFTs. You can look over Victor’s artwork at We are looking for artists to display their artwork in this space, which can be for sale or commission.

If you are vaccinated, we don’t require masks, however, you are welcome to where one to be safer. We will be practicing social distancing at this event.

Finally, we are needing some volunteers to come early, as early as 3pm to help us get ready. We will be getting the place set up still! Good luck and if you can make it, will see you there!

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